Sean si3d

Here's Bert, one of the original three Arlesdale engines. This download includes him in both his original and rebuilt forms. Here's Frank, the Arlesdale Railway's grumpy maintenance diesel. Faces are by Chris Sig. Built inJock is the strongest of the Arlesdale engines. He was a bit concieted at first, but soon learned the value of teamwork. This download includes him in both lined and unlined versions. Thanks go to Chris Sig for the faces. The grumpiest of the Arlesdale engines, Mike doesn't hesitate to make his views known.

Especially when it comes to taking coaches instead of trucks. A hard worker, Rex is one of the stalwarts of the Arlesdale Railway. When he's not working, he enjoys teasing Mike. Originally built for an estate railway, Olivia was bought by the Arlesdale Railway in She was a bit out of her depth at first, but soon proved to be a hard worker. You can do it, too! WildNorWester 3D. Arlesdale Railway Engines. Thanks to Chris Sig for the faces.

The Blister Twins act as station pilots and maintenance diesels on the Arlesdale Railway. Faces by Chris Sig. Faces by WildNorWester.

About Privacy Policy Sitemap. Log in Log out Edit. Jimdo You can do it, too!They produced Trainz content until Julywhen they switched to Trainzfeaturing the "baked" look on the engines. After almost 3 years, they began the range, which featured metallic paint, steam generating whistles, and eye direction.

Their last model was Percy, and in Novemberthey switched again to Trainz These were the same only they were a bit larger and featured 3D faces. In Decemberthey started making CGI variants of the models as well. They resumed their Railway Series models in September Sean shut down Sodor Island 3D on January 27,citing supposed "lack of respect".

The main trigger was when a user uploaded the old content on DeviantArt and was very rude to the SI3D staff when asked to take it down. A fake site has been created online with all the models reuploaded but has since been taken down. In mid, the real site came back but is still closed as Sean still refuses to re-upload the original content.

Instead, he recommended checking out Sodor Workshopsanother site that hosts Thomas Trainz content. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Fan Feed 0 Alfred Universal Conquest Wiki.Christmas may be over, but that doesn't mean we're all done. This time we extend the Island of Sodor route to Kellsthorpe road. Another Christmas gift from us to you. Here's Duck for you all to enjoy, has the usual features featuring a set of brilliant 3D faces by Aaron.

This one has been a long time coming and we hope you'll agree that while we may not be the most frequent anymore, we're still one of if not the best. It's that time of year again! As part of a handful of christmas gifts we're hoping to throw your way here's some new coaches for the Narrow Gauge engines in the form of the red 4 wheelers!

Comes with a range of expressions like the blue ones. They come with the usual features, and Henrietta has a TANE specific version, in the interest of maximum compatibility. Please consider donating if you would like to see more regular releases.

Old Square Wheels - Runaway Scene

Another release, this is Duke! Comes with a range of faces by Aaron and the same features as the other NG engines. Another release, this is Toad The Brakevan! Comes with a range of faces by Ben and the usual wagon features. This was Comissioned by TheCommonShunterso be sure to thank him!

Expanding on our wagon range, here are some new sodor vent vans, specifically 12 ton variants. Included are a range of liveries.

Next up is George the Steamroller! Once again some fantastic faces made by Aaron. This was Comissioned by KnapfordProductions so be sure to thank him! Launching a new range on the website, from Ben is CGI Thomas the tank engine featuring some superb modelling from Ben, all the usual features and textured by me.

Continuing the Christmas theme, here is a more humorous release featuring James the Red nosed engine and a fun wagon to accompany him.

While we may not be committing to the usual rigorous christmas release schedule, that doesn't mean we're not putting anything out there!As the orignal link was deleted because of the Megaupload shutdown, Risha's link has now been fixed. Well, here's to us again, Three years on since we first steamed onto the web, accepted by the Thomas community, thanks for all your support during the last Three Years :. The SI3D Team. I have fixed an error with Oliver, he should now show no errors in CMP.

Heres to another year of true Trainz Thomas Content, thanks to all who have supported us for the last two years :. First of all, we have not forgotten our old 06 page, despite we've moved on we've given it a new look for Also some of our Download links have been removed for repair and will be back online soon, sorry for any inconvenience caused.

We would like to thank Lewis for sharing this route with us and for allowing us to improve its detail, we do hope you enjoy it. Well, its taken a while to get online but its finally here, I'm pleased to announce that The Little Western is available to download now! Thanks go to SixBlueWheels and Train for custom models, and to Callum for help with finishing off the route.

Here we go with a belated but exciting release, please welcome Trevor to our collection, made from one of Scott's meshes. Includes a "In Flight" Model, and a version with a pantograph action that can be used to raise him in the air, and to drop him down again.

If you don't have Mstnoodles model, ask someone who does, but please not us, or you can wait for the next update. Also courtasy of RaytheTrainEngine is an updated Verison of Kevin the Crane who is now driveable, loadable and static with new Textures! Released this time around are new versions of the brake vans including a faceless version and a "spiteful" version. You may need to delete the other vans before you install these to make sure they work.

Bertie has been released on the "More Characters" page. He doesn't have face mappings sadly. It was either that or passenger scripting and I opted for the passengers.

Can't have a bus without passengers! They do have face scripting among other things. Hello all. George has been released on the "More Characters" page. He has changeable faces and hopefully authentic sounds. I' mquite proud of this model, so love him the best you can! Also released are new versions of Donald and Douglas.

sean si3d

They're don't use the newer mesh I was working on due to the fact that it's far from finished. However, these versions are the MK2 versions with and without nameplates. With credit going of course to Richard Here is another updated.

The new James has been released on the Locos page. Also somewhere on the site is our mystery engine. Check every page, I'm sure you'll be surprised! Fastest and Best, Thats Gordon! With Credit going to Skarloey and Sean. Here is route started by Richard and finished by Me! Vicarstown includes the actual sheds, as well as its own Station and the Cows Pasture!

We know you have been waiting for them, and finally you will now have them! Each with Changable faces and their own cabs! Its, here! Finally after so much work and years of development, the SI3D team brings you the much anticipated Knapford Station route!Credit to Flattened Funnel for baking and exporting it to Trainz.

Credit to Flattened Funnel for exporting and baking the model to Trainz. The site is fully operation again, and I hope the team will have some stuff for you all soon. This release is near to my heart and it's about 2 hours from where I live. The tender may be replaced in a later update if a suitable replacement becomes available. It has been reskinned to match Emily's model from SI3D. New Route release! Hogwarts castle pack has been updated, adding a GWR manor version of the locomotive, and it requires assets from the DLS to work.

Here is our first rolling stock reskin pack! Bradford, the brake van! Unfortunately the faces are on both sides.

E2 pack has been updated, adding 3 more liveries, GNR royal purple and apple green, the third one is a bit of a joke. New release! Our Freelance harbour has been updated! New Release! New Section FAQ's. New Reskin on the Non-Thomas page! We let James J on the site so we could reskin this!!

Sir Sheffield the first! E2 Reskin kit has been released! E2 pack has been updated, adding 3 more liveries, GNR royal purple and apple green, the third one is a bit of a joke enjoy! New reskin made by Boco28!South Africa Football Platinum Stars v Kaizer Chiefs, Absa Premiership B.

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Sodor Island 3D

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sean si3d

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Welcome to Sodor Island 3D

Bets lose if there are four or more goals scored in the match. If there are three goals exactly half the stake will win and half will be returned. If there are three goals exactly then the stake is returned. If there are three goals exactly, the stake is returned. Goal Line In-PlayFor In-Play bets all goals are considered regardless of whether they are scored before or after the bet is placed.

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sean si3d

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